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Portraits, Headshots, Editorials, Fashion

I have a passion for photographing people. There’s something about the collaborative nature of working with another individual that really brings a photoshoot to life. No matter if you’re looking for an entire look-book for your new clothing collection or a new headshot for your LinkedIn profile, I’d love to help create some images that tell your story.


Real Estate, Short-term Rentals, Airbnb

I’ve been photographing properties since the beginning of my photography career, which has resulted in more than 400 properties photographed. That’s roughly 8,000 images delivered. Today, I utilize a simple process for photographing homes, businesses, and other commercial or warehouse settings that allows me to move quickly and capture the space naturally. Although I use flash in specific situations, I prefer to allow the room’s own lighting to tell the story. This provides a more authentic and realistic view of the property. In most cases, I can offer 24 hour delivery of edited images.


I love photographing weddings and engagements. The cake, the rings, your aunt with the embarrassing stories… it all comes together to create a magical 12 hours that you’ll relive through your photographs. That’s a lot of pressure, but preparedness makes things run smoothly. I pride myself on understanding your day to the best of my ability, including touring the venues, talking with wedding planners, and having the schedule in my back pocket. Oh, and then there’s the photography. I have so much fun documenting your entire wedding day.


Before becoming a photographer, I worked in a number of schools throughout the St. Louis, Missouri area as a before and after-school coordinator. Although I miss the kids, the games, and the sometimes not-so-funny knock-knock jokes, I love having the opportunity to photograph families. Family photography offers a special opportunity to document families being families. No matter if you’re looking for more posed family shots or a documentary approach, I’d love to capture lasting family memories for you.





Products require a special level of attention and detail. Whether you’re in need of products on a solid white backdrop or out in the world, I can bring the tools and technique to make sure your products stand out from the competition.


Where I’m At

I first started in St. Louis, Mo. but have since shifted to a home base in Washington, DC. I’m happy to offer services to the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia metropolitan areas, and despite the 800 mile move, I’m still actively traveling back to St. Louis for projects. Additionally, because the cities are so close, I regularly travel to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York for various projects.

I’m currently based in Northwest Washington (near the Zoo) and will use that as a guide to establish any travel fees that may be incurred.

Still outside your area? No problem! Travel is available.


Contact Me

I’d love to talk more about your specific needs. We can email, have a call, Facetime, or even meet for coffee. Throughout our discussion, we’ll work to understand your vision, budget, and the scope of work that strikes a balance. As much as I’d love to provide blanket numbers, there are so many variables that can drastically change the workload.

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