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Shawn Bruce studied English and education at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, ultimately graduating with his bachelors degree in Educational Studies. Following his graduation, Shawn completed his masters degree in Education for Global Sustainability, again at Webster, where he studied the impact of the urban environment on water. Shawn has continued to have an interest in education and sustainability, but has since been driven by his first passion: art. 

As a child, Shawn was in constant pursuit of creating. No matter if it was chalk, crayons, paint, or film, he embraced each new medium with an invested interest. Throughout school, he dove into clay, soldering, and dug deeper into a passion for drawing. But due to complications with his family, Shawn dropped out of high school before beginning his freshman year. He began working, filling roles working on roofs, hanging drywall, delivering pizzas, and valeting cars.

It would take a few years before Shawn pursued his GED, and more years still until he stumbled into an English class at Webster, a class that introduced him to his wife. Between that time, Shawn never pursued any formal courses in art. Instead, his pursuits of journalism, filmmaking, photography and writing filled his time.

After a successful six years working in after school education, Shawn realized his life was missing something and took a leap, leaving his career behind. Shawn began working at Webster University in the School of Education. In this role, he embraced the opportunities to design. He played a leading role in the development of webpages, brochures, flyers, and social media marketing materials. While at Webster, Shawn began the early developments of his photography portfolio. Photography provided an outlet to create, collaborate, and to build relationships.

After two years with Webster University, Shawn began working at The Clix Group, an Inc. 5000 awarded digital marketing company. Shawn's role at Clix was fully engulfed in creativity, where he assumed the role as Clix's first full time photographer. In this role, Shawn was responsible for headshots, product photography, and location imagery for use across multiple mediums. 

In 2018, Shawn's wife, Symphony, accepted a job in Washington D.C. and the two moved in the summer. Shawn began working as a real estate photographer for Nomadic Real Estate, another Inc. 5000 awarded company shortly after relocating. In addition, Shawn began pursuing more personal projects, aiming to display the human element behind urban gardening. In addition to photography, Shawn began working to develop a portfolio in video.

It's difficult to say what the future holds, but with some persistence, there may be no limits. 


Artist Statement

Community is driven by personal interaction, strengthened by commonalities shared between people, and lifted by the hope to be something more together than one can be as an individual. I like to explore the individualities of people and the inconsistencies that follow. I like to document the commonalities and the moments people share with one another. I like to take part in small moments of another’s life and make images that speak to who they are in that brief time. All of this for the sake of a portrait that helps me understand community.


A photo of Shawn in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri, taken by David Broome.

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