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I am a freelance photographer, videographer, and designer based in Washington, DC. I specialize in storytelling through photography and videography — otherwise known as cinematography. What started as a freelance photography adventure in 2014, has quickly turned into a passion for telling people’s stories. I got my start in St. Louis, Missouri when I realized working in education wasn't where my passions lied anymore. Now in my seventh year, I have worked with artists, brands, agencies, and everyday people to document what makes them unique.

I’m passionate about the power of a great story,

and I’d love to help tell yours.


What I Do

Early on, I saw the power of great stories. And it’s not new. There have been generations of storytellers, writers, and cinematographers longing to get the word out.

Stories can alter moods, encourage change, and document history that might otherwise be lost. So, I made it my mission to document stories through photography and videography.

I use photography and videography to build a story for your personal brand, showing off the qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. No matter if you’re a local woodworker spending countless hours on handmade furniture, a politician trying to spread your message, or just someone looking for a new job and wanting to showcase why you’re different, I’ve got the tools and expertise to make sure you don’t blend in.

Some of the things I specialize in:

  • Portraits

  • Headshots

  • Header Images

  • Landing Page Videos

  • Short Documentaries

  • Instagram Videos

Maybe you’re wondering why all of this matters…

What’s the importance of branding?

In today’s age, branding is becoming increasingly important. There are thousands of brands vying for attention and your business in the middle of it. Businesses have to take time to stand out.

In statistics highlighted by Forbes, “Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month.” The same statistics outlined that there were nearly 28 million small businesses in the US, as of 2013. And these statistics don’t even take into account the number of freelance professionals vying for the same attention. More than ever, attention toward a specific brand is stretched thin. Make sure you’re putting the best content forward.


What are people looking at?

According to a recent study conducted by Social Media Examiner, 80% of social media marketers are turning to images to advertise a brand’s message. Additionally, 63% are leveraging video in their advertising. This supports data compiled by the Nielsen Norman Group, which indicated that users tend are becoming more and more reliant of visual content. In fact, in a 2008 study, the Nielsen Norman Group found that users read just 20% of the words on a page. Since then, we’ve continued to see a more robust focus on media across sectors.

According to research by the  Nielsen  Norman    Group , 2008

According to research by the Nielsen Norman Group, 2008


What platforms are growing?

TechCrunch recently reported that YouTube now has 1.9 billion active users per month, with those users consuming 180 million hours of media each day. In another article, TechCrunch outlined that Instagram has seen 1 billion active users per month, with approximately 500 million active users per day. Wired Magazine stated that this equates to roughly 4.2 billion likes per day. According to OmniCore, Instagram sees more than 100 million photos and videos posted each day, with more than 50 billion photos posted to date. Moreover, SproutSocial found that videos see 21% more engagement than still images on Instagram.

Users are subscribing to see content that’s high quality, engaging, and thoughtfully crafted. The introduction and continued improvement of camera technology has lowered the bar of entry, but professional knowledge still out performs mediocre content.

According to  Wired Magazine

According to Wired Magazine


Check out some of the things I’ve been working on

Godet Woodworking

In January 2019, I worked with Adam Godet of Godet Woodworking to create a short documentary to talk about his connection to the woodworking craft. Along with the longer video, I created several other videos that worked as teaser content, including vertical videos for Instagram stories. Finally, I rounded out the project with some still images that can be used as engaging working shots throughout his social and website platforms.


Environmental Portraits

Sometimes a video is more than what you’re looking for and that’s alright. Damion recently reached out looking for some environmental portraits to advertise his up-and-coming venture. I spent a few hours around CityCenter and captured some images that felt professional and inviting - just what he was looking for.


Showing off the behind the scenes

Throughout the summer I work with the dedicated team at Common Good City Farm to showcase the events and inner-workings of their non-profit. We decided to capture images of the farm and events to help tell the story of how they’re working to get more fresh, nutritious foods for the families in the Washington, DC area.


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