Godet Woodworking

A film by Shawn Bruce

Adam stands in his shop as he explains tools and his process of building furniture.

About the project

Growing up, my life was filled with hours of exploring for wood scraps in my grandfather’s basement woodshop. He was a passionate woodworker as long as health allowed and spent countless hours making furniture, train sets, and small odds and ends that filled his home. When he passed away, I recalled his shop fondly, thinking back to the times he and I spent making things. I’ve since developed a love for woodworking and the craftsmanship that’s behind the trade. Although not a woodworker myself, I wanted to explore the craft the best way I know how: through photography and videography.

This is what led me to Adam Godet, a DC based woodworker. I met Adam through ShopMadeinDC, a small shop that sells products crafted by local professionals across the DC area. Adam and I shared an appreciation for the process of crafting by hand, pouring time and knowledge into something that’s meant to last for decades.

Adam and I ultimately spent a few hours together shooting a short film that talks about his craft. You can see it, as well as some still images captured throughout the project, below.


About Godet Woodworking

Adam grew up in upstate New York, an environment steeped in craftsmanship. As is common in rural America, if something broke, someone had to learn to fix it. Adam’s fascination with craftsmanship grew over the years as he saw his father, a mechanic, working with his hands and “developing skills that can’t be taken away.” He spent countless hours watching The New Yankee Workshop and building small items for science fairs at school. Ultimately, life led Adam to call DC home and establish his own woodshop.

Adam currently lives in Washington, DC with his wife and dog. His shop, buzzing with activity, feeds into ShopMadeinDC, a local goods store established to support craftspersons, as well as homes and businesses with commissioned pieces.

Interested in learning more about Godet Woodworking? Check out the link to his website below.


The Film


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Godet Woodworking Final Projects


Behind the Scenes