Lydia & Harley's Wintery Engagement Session

Who would have thought that the weekend before Thanksgiving was going to be so cold... 34 degrees as a high... and then the windchill making matters worse. We had it better off than Chicago or Denver, where people were being pummeled with snow, but it still wasn't pretty. It was definitely not the choice weekend for an engagement photo shoot. Posing in these temperatures takes dedication and Lydia and Harley were ready to brave the weather for their photos. 

Without much of an option for an indoor shoot this late in the game, we raced through a few spots, dodging puddles from the snow and rain earlier in the day, and hiding from the howling wind in doorways. We started our adventure at a church in the Central West End. A hidden staircase, seemingly tucked away from the elements, proved to be an excellent location for wind tunnel testing, but also provided some great options for posing.

St. Louis has some incredible architecture lining miles and miles of streets; and the Central West End is one of the oldest and best maintained. Even in the cold St. Louis didn't disappoint. As we hoped into the car to get warm we noticed some fall foliage and limestone walls across the street. It's pretty commonplace in the area, but the colors we so vivid we couldn't pass it up.

After we had exhausted our options near the church, we moved on to get some coffee and hot chocolate at a local coffee shop. We were back at work as soon as our fingers had thawed and our ears returned to a more natural color. Harley's playful spirit led to some great candid moments and Lydia played along nicely. As we sat, sipped, and chatted away, we bounced around the coffee shop, moving from table to table, and taking over the back room.

As the light began waning, we quickly realized that we needed to get back out into the cold and explore some more. We were off, with downtown in our sights. We stopped along Washington Avenue and moved between a wedding party to try for some images with the traffic racing by. Despite our goals, traffic just wasn't moving.

All in all, the evening was a success. The cold was definitely not on our side, but we persevered and managed to capture some lasting memories. Check out some of the other images we made here

Thanks Lydia and Harley for taking the time to hang out with me and choosing to let me photograph your special commitment to one another.