Gear Alphabet Soup: From The 'T5' to The 'Q'

I've been exploring photography and gear for some time now. I started with basic point and shoots, upgrading slowly but surely to the camera I have called my main camera for more than a year now. It's nothing special, but this Canon T5 has been a workhorse of sorts. It doesn't have many bells and whistles. In fact, it may be more basic than other cameras I have had in the past. But that's been fine for my purposes. I've been able to run around the city, take pictures of whatever I think is interesting, and not be concerned with the battery life. And, as long as I've kept the ISO low (-800) I've been pretty impressed with the images. Of course these images are of no comparison to some of the competition, even from years ago, but thinking about image quality brings me to a new fork in the road. 

I've always been someone who keeps up on new trends in technology: cameras, phones, computers, whatever. So it was only a matter of time until I found a new camera. Pretty recently, Leica released their new rangefinder-esque Q Typ 116. It's a familiar camera for me, but still something completely alien. Alien because I've never shot, or even held, a Leica. They've always been too rich for my blood. But it's still familiar because over the course of the last year I have shot predominantly with the 24mm prime lens on the T5; the crop sensor makes this point of view close to that of a 35mm on a full frame body. Although the Q has a 28mm and it's full frame, this isn't so drastic of a difference that I think it would throw me. Too, I break out a 16mm lens on the Canon when I really need something wide and I really like it. I appreciate shooting architecture and don't mind the opportunity to work closely with my subjects. I appreciate the effort of moving around to get the shot and missing a shot because I didn't have a zoom doesn't really phase me. I work with what I have. If I will continue to feel this way in the future is still to be seen though. 

The more I learn about the Q, the more I like. I had been planning on replacing my Canon T5 and gear with a nice Sony setup. I aimed to get a Sony A7II body and a few prime lenses; maybe pick up a 35mm and a 85mm, or if I'm really feeling froggy, grab an adapter and see where it takes me. The Q began to change the way I was thinking. It's simple. It's limiting. It's expensive. It may just change the way I shoot for the better. Worst thing though, it hasn't been available. I've looked around, made phone calls, scoured the web... nothing. I've gone ahead and thrown my name on a waiting list at a store where I wouldn't mind traveling: Chicago's Tamarkin Camera. The store's about 300 miles away, but given the price of the camera, it's a drive I'm willing to take in order to have the camera in hand. Amazon has never done me wrong, but I'm not willing to take a chance on something like this. Then, after waiting several months, it finally happened... I received a phone call from Tamarkin Camera informing me that my Leica is in the store. My heart was racing, palms sweating. You may have thought I was getting married again, but instead it's just a camera. 

Now, with the camera nearly in my grasp, I'm incredibly excited to see what will come of it. What will I create? How will the images differ from those I've made to date? Will the cost be justified in the long run? Only time will tell and this will then require a full written review, so stay tuned. Who knows, maybe I'll even make a video... I'm coming for your

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