Framed - the term could mean a number of things, especially when thinking about photography. Instead, to me, Framed is a project putting attention on the glasses that many people are wearing today. When I originally received my first pair of glasses, I was seven, and not thrilled. Since then, years have passed and I have continued to get new glasses. This year I bought glasses that closely resemble those that I hated when I was a child; it's funny how those things work out like that. As I reflected on an old picture of myself I decided that I wanted to explore the diversity behind glasses - people, style, and even the necessity of having glasses. I wanted to photograph people in their element, with their glasses, and talk to them about how they feel about their glasses. So far it has lead to some incredible discussions and helped me build a new appreciation for my glasses. Take a look at the Framed gallery in my photography page and explore glasses with me.