Revised Way of Looking at Glasses

I started my Framed portrait project a couple months ago and had an incredible response from individuals who wanted to participate. What started as a small brain child of my own mind quickly turned into a massive endeavor. I spent my entire lunch break emailing and scheduling appointments with people. What I couldn't accomplish on lunch quickly began as soon as I got home. When the weather wouldn't cooperate, everything had to start from scratch and we had to reschedule. We can't change the weather in this instances, so it is what it is, but it certainly did not make things more easy. If the weather fluctuations were not enough, the northern hemisphere was quickly moving from Fall to Winter and there was certainly nothing I could do about that. The days became shorter, the weather colder, and ultimately reduced the opportunities for portraits. Now it sounds like all I'm everything I'm saying is a negative, but I've always had a philosophy to make the best with what I have. This climate transition sparked my imagination... I needed something that I could photograph without concern for the weather (at least for the most part), but it also needed to be something that I could work with without scheduling time with other people. As I continued to think it was apparent that I still wanted a new project to work with glasses in some way, and that's when I came up with the idea to take my glasses around and explore where my sight takes me. 

Although the new project is still in development, the concept is pretty concrete. With my glasses in tow I have been working my way around many of the places that I generally frequent and photographing my glasses in these spaces. I have multiple pairs of glasses, which is making things a little more possible, but when I only have one with me, it's definitely a challenge. Without my glasses on framing, leveling, straightening, and even simply focusing are much more challenging. But, strangely enough, this challenge has also given me a new appreciation for my sight (especially when my glasses are on my face).

I hope this project becomes something that lasts. I want to explore what I am able to see with my glasses and really think about how much I appreciate having my vision. What I hope doesn't happen is that I will damage my glasses or become stranded somewhere because I lost them (yeah I have that terrible of vision). But I suppose, too, that this would only become another part of the story. And who knows, maybe that too would spark a whole new series. Check out my first image below. I took it with a flashlight and an old Underwood typewriter. It may just be one of my favorite images I've taken to date. Keep up with all of the images as they come along here.

Featured glasses ordered from Coastal. Additional featured content may include glasses from Warby Parker.