May's Place - Incredible Antiques in the City

I've always enjoyed walking around antique shops. It's like taking a step back into time and seeing how other people lived without iPhones or big screen TVs or DSLRs. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but there's something therapeutic about picking up an item from an antique shop. It's almost like you, with the help of the shop owner, have provided redemption for an item once forgotten. Just walking into May's Place gives you this feeling, but honestly, so much more. The chill vintage music being played from an actual record player - instead of a Pandora station - is refreshing and helps to set you back in time. And then you meet Andy and Katie and it's understandable why their shop is so cool.

May's Place has been open for a few months and I've been fortunate enough to make it by the shop a couple times, each visit more enjoyable than the last. But then I had an incredible opportunity to take some photographs around the shop. Seeing the shop through the lens of a camera makes everything even more amazing. It really makes me appreciate the store after paying close attention to the layout, how vignettes are placed,  and how the naturally well lit shop lends so well to its contents. This place is sure to charm the most professional of antique shoppers.

If you haven't had the chance to check out May's Place, I suggest you put it on your list for holiday shopping. Andy and Katie have a little bit of everything in the store and there are so many unique and local items. I have my eyes on a pair of vintage glasses... I just hope they last until I can make it by again.