Gear Video: Shooting 1080p Video with the Leica Q

By this point I've shot thousands of still images with the Leica Q and I never really thought about shooting video with it. I usually have the Sony close by and with manual lenses for the kit, it works pretty well.  But that changed this morning as rain hit St. Louis. I usually don't go out to shoot in the rain, but I thought making a video with some of my gear would be fun.

To start, the Leica was shooting video in 1080p, 60 frames per second, at a shutter speed of 125. I edited all of the footage in Premiere Pro this afternoon, only moments after shooting everything you see here. There's nothing fancy, but it was fun to flip between macro mode and standard shooting, especially when it came to getting out into the yard as the rain let up. None of the video is color graded; it's simply the footage straight from the camera, exposed in the middle.

For a first time effort at shooting with the Leica, I'm pretty impressed. I don't think it's as nice as shooting with some of my other equipment, but in a pinch I think I could make it work. The music from the video is "RSPN" by Blank & Kytt.

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