Moit Wedding 2016

As the wedding day came upon us, my wife and I were enamored. She had volunteered some months prior to act as a second shooter, to capture the moments in the background and throughout the day. We readied our gear and headed to the hotel, soaking in the beautiful morning light. 

You could feel the excitement through the door as we made it to the bride’s room. Bouncing between floors, my wife and I captured images of the guys, the girls, the parents, and the preparation. The morning light spilled into the windows, setting each scene aglow. Downtown St. Louis was alive and buzzing, mirroring the energy that engulfed the hotel rooms. 

After some hours and hundreds of images, we made our way to the church for the ceremony. Years earlier, the bride had gone to school at Our Lady of Sorrows. She and the church had history spelled out, and her wedding day, in front of family and friends, she wrote next chapter. The afternoon sun shinned brightly through the stain glass windows and bounced off of hundreds of square feet of painted murals that lined the church’s interior. Family and friends filled the front pews, anxiously waiting for the bride to appear. And when she did - it was incredible. 

We left the church to chase the early evening light across St. Louis. Starting at the Grand Basin in Forest Park, we moved strategically around the city. We visited an abandoned church, the Pulitzer, and ultimately made it to our reception location, Jim Edmonds 15.

The reception proved to be incredible. The DJ moved the crowd, danced with kids and adults alike, and encouraged everyone to get on the dance floor. As the sun set, the reception hall was electric. People spilled from their seats, laughed audibly from across the room, drank, ate, and were happy. It was an excellent end to an incredible day. 

Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. Moit, may you have years of happiness.