Managing My Time to Be More Creative

I've had it in the works to publish a new blog post for several weeks. But each time I sit down to write, I find myself buried in an endless rabbit-hole of social media. It's not an uncommon occurrence to feel overwhelmed by the constant influx of public opinion, articles, and pictures. Some are heavier than others, while some take take my mind wondering. No Matter the weight of the subject, social media has created an avenue to escape the real world right in front of me. When I'm bored, I turn to the most accessible feed and time slips away; it's with this in mind that I've decided to take a step back from a lot of my social media engagement. This partially stems from a disinterest in being deep in the trending topic (insert your favorite here, I won't do it), only to find that no one has altered their opinion the slightest. So instead, I've decided my attention would be better spent chasing the creative concepts that seem to evade the time and space I currently have available. Over the course of the last few weeks I've found myself examining thousands of posts, researching new lighting techniques, and studying the endless features throughout the Adobe Creative Cloud lineup. The problem is: I'm not putting it all to practice and it's time that I start. Here's to a more robust blog, a more dynamic portfolio, and an even more extensive collection of images on my hard drives. 

Until the next one, here's an image I shot of Olio in St. Louis.

Shot on the Leica Q, edited and color graded in Lightroom