Fashion Editorial With May's Place

I decided recently, and rather abruptly, to enroll in a course for editorial photography. It's a skill set that I've wanted to pursue for some time now, but I've limited my knowledge to YouTube videos and what I could find on These resources have been excellent, providing me with a strong foundational knowledge of the editorial photoshoot process, but nothing beats receiving an editorial assignment and meeting a deadline. There's something about the challenge of a deadline that I find appealing. I know, it's weird, right? Nevertheless, my old friend Katie was more than accommodating in letting me photograph her store and vintage fashion accessories. What was even more fortunate was that her friend, Jess, was willing to model. 

I met up with Katie early Saturday morning at May's Place, an incredible hub for all things vintage in St. Louis Hills. Katie works hard to pull together some of the most unique and incredible items from what some may have considered a by-gone era. Katie's eye is exquisite and it shows from the moment you walk into her store. 

May's Place, 3249 Ivanhoe, St. Louis, MO. 

When I arrived, Katie started pulling outfits for Jess to model. We had spoken about the intent of the shoot – which was to highlight the rise of vintage fashion in a new era – and she was spot on with her selections. When Jess made it to May's Place, she was ready to work and we wasted no time. Jess was a natural at posing. She moved slowly between shots, offering variety, but not requiring me to reposition every single time. All in all, the shoot was incredible. We came out with some great shots, and I'd argue, we really showcased the rise of vintage fashion in 2017. Long live the sustainable movement. 

Take a look at some of our shots below, and, while you're at it, check out May's Place and Jess on Instagram. And finally, don't forget to pay Katie a visit in the store, you won't regret it.