Adorable Family Photography with the Jacobsens in Tower Grove Park

The early signs of fall hit St. Louis a couple weeks ago. Leaves began to change, the air offered a casual breeze, and things seemed to slow down. With the sun setting more and more quickly each day, the opportunities to catch golden hour light are moving quickly. Before too long, the sun will be long set before most people leave work. It's with this in mind that makes my recent photo shoot with the Jacobsen family all the more special. 

I've known Brandon since we were kids and have managed to stay in touch, despite living on opposite ends of the state at times. Nevertheless, I've been incredibly fortunate that he and his wife, Marisa, bring me in to document their lives together. A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing their son Peter, which I'll link here. So, when Brandon reached out for some more family photos, I was ecstatic. 

We met in the heart of Tower Grove Park near sunset, set up a single light, and created some wonderful images. Check out some of my favorites below.