The Soon-To-Be Tullocks | Engagement Photography | St. Louis

It's hard to put to words how happy I was to take photos for Ryan and Lauren's engagement. I've known Ryan since college. He and I have spent countless hours hanging out, driving around, and taking pictures. And that's just in the last couple years. Prior to that, you could find us all over Webster University's campus. We look back on too many times driving around in my old truck that was probably unsafe for the road. We reminisce on days before we had real responsibilities. More or less, I'm saying that Ryan and I go back. 

When he met Lauren, it was obvious she was something different. He was happier than I had ever seen him. Although we don't hang out as much anymore, I'm happy that Ryan has found his match: someone to challenge him and make him a better human. 

We recently got together just as the trees began to celebrate fall's arrival and we came out with some incredible images. Between Forest Park and 4 Hands, we got a variety of images that tell the story of Ryan and Lauren. It's a story of fun love, a love that makes you happy just to be a witness. Check out some of my favorite images below.