Seahorse SE920 Case for Sony Photographers

Over the last two years I've been running around with an AmazonBasics camera backpack. Although great for the price, the Amazon offering left much to be desired. The bag began to separate at the seams within the first year, leaving me cautious to take a lot of gear very far.  It quickly became obvious that I was in need of an upgrade, so I began the hunt. 

I searched through hundreds of backpacks, arguing whether a sling bag was better than messenger bag, or whether I wanted to carry a bag altogether. Ultimately, I decided that my small Patagonia messenger bag (with a messenger bag separator) would suit my needs for smaller pursuits and a hard shell case would be my best option for larger shoots. 

As a general rule, I tend to shoot with one lens: an 85mm Rokinon. Of course I have others, but this lens seems to be nearly glued on my camera. Nevertheless, there are jobs when I'll need something wider, or even tighter, and that's when I'll need my gear accessible. 

I came across the Pelican 1510 while reading Nick Fancher's photography books and it instantly sparked my imagination. While looking for my own Pelican, I stumbled upon the Seahorse collection. I was nervous at first, but with research, I realized that the Seahorse cases checked a lot of my boxes, and for less money than the Pelicans. Although I do not fly often, I wanted to ensure I had something that could be safe for travel, so I placed my order and waited.

The Seahorse SE920 cases arrived on Wednesday of last week, and I have to say that I'm impressed, and a little apprehensive. The case is very well built, but it's huge. And what's most surprising is that the case came in damaged. Seahorse has been responsive to my request to replace the case, although they indicated that I would be responsible for all associated shipping costs. With a wedding rounding the corner, I was eager to see the case toughed through an intense day of shooting, opting to wait on the replacement. Whether I'll need a replacement is still in the air for me. Although it is technically broken, I wonder what impact the damage will have for my use. 

Below are some of the images of the case, including how I've utilized the interior space. I opted for the pick-and-pull foam over the divider system. Although less customizable over time, I hope I've mitigated this well enough for the time being. From my initial impression, I'm happy with the purchase, but I'm eager to see how it holds up over time.