Antavius Gierer: Portraits for West Model Management in the City Museum

Antavius, similarly to Julienne, is an up-and-coming model with West Model Management. We connected and quickly started to plan an outdoor, Nike-inspired photoshoot. Of course, St. Louis weather being an finicky as it is, our initial plans did not work out for us; we ended up back at the drawing board, brainstorming locations and shoot concepts. I had a few ideas, but we had to move fast, which ultimately had us seeking out public spaces. 

I think it worked out because I've been interested in shooting in the City Museum for some time now. Honestly, I've only been inside the space one time before, but there was a certain magic to the second floor that had me longing to go back. I pulled together some minimal gear: a speedlight with a stand and a few large aperture lens. I brought an umbrella for my lightstand, only to find out that my umbrella's stem was too large to fit my umbrella bracket. Thanks a lot Westcott. Instead, I worked with what I had, shooting available light and using the speedlight on the lightstand to bounce off the ceiling. Everything worked out in the end, despite dodging a cohort of students learning how to use off camera flash. 

Check out some of the images below, and don't forget to check out Antavius on Instagram at: @tavius_35.