An Evening with Harry Benson

Sometimes opportunities fall into your lap serendipitously and you have to run with them. Such an opportunity recently came up and I had the pleasure to photograph a lecture by Harry Benson, in connection to the International Photography Hall of Fame. Benson's work has been iconic for decades. He photographed some of the most high profile clients around the world. His images of the Beatles, the Clintons, and even more recent presidents have graced the covers of various magazines. 

Benson spoke about his work, took questions, and spent some time taking selfies with audience members. One couple, who hosted the event in their home, had purchased one of Benson's most iconic images of Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol for more than $20,000. I managed to catch a few photos of him discussing the image. 


Needless to say, it was a fun crowd to mingle between and I think I captured some images that I'll remember for a lifetime. Check out the images below.