Barrel Beard and Tattoo: Portrait Photoshoot in Collinsville

There's something about the power of a location that really sets a shoot apart. I've written about it before, but it bears repeating: location is one of the most powerful tools of strong portrait photography. Of course, there's a time and place for having a subject against a clean white wall, and I'm not knocking that. I just find environmental portraiture to take on another level of storytelling that I think is difficult in any other photography. 

That's why I was beyond ecstatic to get together with Jeremy Stanton of Barrel Beard and Tattoo for another shoot. You may remember that we shot together a few months back in downtown St. Louis. We both enjoyed the shoot and decided that we'd like to work together again. So, Jeremy recently sent me a message inviting me out to Collinsville, his hometown, for a shoot in his new space. Although under development, it offered some of the most incredible aesthetic conditions for Jeremy's brand and I was happy to put together a few portraits of him in the space. 

Altogether, we shot in a couple spaces, including at the neighboring motorcycle shop, Evolution Cycles. With classic rock and metal on in the background, we got to work putting together some images that I think will serve Jeremy's brand well. Check out some of my favorite images below and don't forget to give Jeremy's and Evolution Cycle's brands on Instagram. 

Bonus Behind the Scenes Content