Peak Design's Everyday Backpack: Early Impressions

I'm a sucker for the newest technology and the most recent gear, but I've quickly realized that I have to have a place to store everything and protect my investment. So, over the last few years, my bags have turned into cases, and things have gotten more and more robust. Along with that comes the heft and bulk of great protection. It's a trade-off for sure.

Just about this time last year, I purchased the Seahorse SE920, a huge hardshell case. It's been great. I've taken on flights with Southwest Airlines and have loved how much it can store and the protection it provided. Despite this, I've always missed having the option to run and gun when the time calls. That got me on the pursuit of something more flexible and portable. In comes Peak Design's Everyday Backpack, a bag that probably doesn't need an introduction. 

Peak Design has been a growing brand for a while now. They create straps, bags, clips, and other miscellaneous items that can change the way you think about gear storage. At least that was what happened to me. To be honest, I had seen Peak Design's latching system around the photography world, but they didn't make me want to run out and buy all of their stuff. Their clips intrigued me, but it wasn't until I was on a shoot with someone and got to see their Peak messenger bag in person that I started to look more closely. I quickly - two days later - found myself in a camera store making a purchase. 

Altogether, I ended up with the Everyday Backpack, the Field Pouch, and the Slide strap, all in the Ash color way. I love the look of everything. The light brown leather accents are an excellent compliment to the gray. But more important than the color, is the build and overall design. It's all stunning. 

The bag took some adjusting to get accustomed to the layout. Having a side-access bag was something that was completely new to me, but it's already been life-changing. Moreover, the flexibility for storage in the the Everyday Backpack is incredible. The shelves within the bag can shift and fold to accommodate so many different gear configurations. And, it can hold my MacBook, hard drive, and headphones. What more could I need?

Anyway, I'm quite smitten at the moment, but I'm going to put this thing through its paces in the coming weeks and months. I'll touch base soon about what's working and what isn't. Stay tuned.