The Move to Washington DC

I told my parents, grandparents, boss, co-workers, friends, and even acquaintances, but I'm sad to say that I have yet to make it official on the blog. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen this post coming. For those of you who do not, or would like some more information, keep reading. 

I'll get right down to it: Symphony received an offer from a university in Washington D.C. just a couple weeks ago. For her, it had been a long time coming. She's been working full-time as a teacher (which is like a 60+ hour workweek), working part-time as a research librarian, writing on the side, and keeping track of me and my shenanigans. Needless to say, she has definitely worked for the opportunity, especially considering the countless hours that she spent in front of the computer researching for her interviews. Whew. 

Now we're in the planning stages of moving many of the things we own half way across the country to Washington, the nation's capital. I can't say that I ever thought of myself living in the capital, but then again I've always been pretty adventurous, so why not. Moreover, this is one great opportunity to photograph a new city, meet new people, and try new vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Where do I sign, right?

The move is approaching pretty quickly (June) and we are working night and day to find me work, sell the things we don't consider necessities, and save every last dime we can: think more ramen packets and less ramen restaurants. 

Despite the cutbacks and packing stresses, we are both incredibly excited. We're looking at new places to live and visiting when we can. When we land, I'll be looking to meet up with local models, photographers, and other creatives to network and create some art. If you know of anyone in the area, send them my way!