Landing in Washington D.C.

Although the journey was a little hectic at times, my wife and I have officially landed in the Washington D.C. area. It's been fun getting to know the flow of the city, the intricacies of public transit, and which Target to avoid, and I'd argue we're settling in just fine. 

We moved into a small studio apartment in the Cleveland Park neighborhood, right along Connecticut Avenue. Despite being a small apartment, we don't think we could have found a better location to get started in the D.C. area. Our apartment faces Rock Creek Park, one of Washington's national parks, and is filled with diffused light bouncing from the trees. When it rains, we get the unique pleasure of hearing the rain droplets falling through the trees while birds sing. It's truly spectacular. The park provides miles of trails for hiking and running, and is a perfect backdrop for photography projects. What's more, we're steps from both bus lines and the train, making commuting a breeze. 

Although I haven't had too many opportunities to photograph the city just yet, I'm excited to get out and explore a little more. Check out some of the images I've captured since we arrived.