Leica Photowalk with Pete Halvorsen

With rows of stark white chairs filling the Leica DC store, dozens of photographers sat in anticipation for the opportunity to explore street photography with Pete Halvorsen, a commercial and travel photographer based in LA. Halvorsen’s no newbie to photography meet-ups. In fact, he  hosts Instagram meet-ups around the world, often with charitable causes behind the concept. These meet-ups encourage participants to network, learn, and photograph the world around them. Halvorsen encourages everyone to tell the story of their environment - to create images that will last beyond the Instagram platform itself. 

On this particular summer day, Halvorsen shuffled photographers up and down the streets of downtown DC. The group first moved to Freedom Plaza where everyone captured scenes of skateboarders and took a moment for a group photo. From Freedom Plaza, everyone progressed down to the National Mall with the intent to capture scenes that portrayed motion. Along the National Mall were dozens of food trucks in front of the iconic skyline that filled the blue skies. It was a perfect day for photography. Before too long it was time to turn around and head back to home base. 

The total event lasted four hours, all of which flew by incredibly fast. Halvorsen offered great feedback throughout the day. He pointed out scenes that stood out and helped keep the group moving. It was great to see people have the opportunity to loan out Leica's for a test drive, too. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, and although the images are still coming together, it seems that there were a bunch of great shots .

Although street photography is not my strong suit, I had a lot of fun running around the streets trying to capture images that were not my typical frames. I pulled together some of my favorites below. Check them out.

My shots from the day:

Check out more of the images from other photographers:

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