Walk With Locals: First Time Experience in Georgetown

This last weekend was full of incredible photography events. It's everything I had hoped to access in St. Louis, but unfortunately there just wasn't the infrastructure. Nevertheless, DC had several photography events scheduled and I had the opportunity to participate in both StreetMeetDC and Walk With Locals. If you haven't seen my photos from StreetMeetDC, check them out here: StreetMeetDC.

I will admit that I was smitten with Walk With Locals. We met at Fostr Collaborative down in Georgetown. The space was bright and airy, providing tons of natural light. There was a backdrop setup with stools and props to set the scene. Even more though, Walk With Locals also connected with sweetgreen to offer delicious food for everyone hanging out. 

Everyone got together around 5:45pm and the event went until 8pm. While everyone started at Fostr Collaborative, the entire group progressed down closer to the riverfront by the end of the night. The group brought out so many diverse people. I met photographers, models, and even people who just wanted to talk to new people. It was so much fun. 

All in all, I think I came back with some fun images from the night. I brought a simple single light setup to get some portraits as light was waning, and it came in handy. Check out some of my favorite shots below, as well as some of the pictures from behind the scenes. 

Behind the Scenes

My Favorite Portraits