ZAAF Collection and Joey L Opening Reception in Washington DC

A couple weeks ago, Joey L made a post on his Instagram talking about his recent project with ZAAF Collection coming to the National Museum of African Art for an opening night. The event was outlined as a chance to meet the founders of the brand, check out some of their products, and see some of the photography, and documentary, associated with the recent brand campaign.

The evening was beautifully put together with an introduction from Abai Schulze, founder of ZAAF Collection, and Joey L, who led everyone into the documentary. After the documentary finished, everyone set out to mingle and check out some of the products and photography. Along with each of the images, ZAAF Collection included the bags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories from each shoot.

I managed to take a few photos with my Leica and had a chance to meet Joey L in person, certainly a highlight of my year. Although he was being pulled in a dozen different directions, he still made time to talk to me as a fan. I tried to get someone to take some photos of Joey L and myself and they didn’t press the shutter… so there’s that. All in all, though, it was so much fun. Super fun event and super caring and engaging people setting out to make the ZAAF Collection brand stand out.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the night below and don’t forget to check out ZAAF Collection and Joey L.