Recent Inspiration | June 2019

Over the years I’ve found inspiration in a number of different photographers, across a variety of genres. I’ve found that it helps me to push my personal and professional work further and stay engaged in the medium. In the last few weeks I’ve spent some time auditing the people I follow and decided to build out a list of the people I’m drawing inspiration from right now. This is hardly an exhaustive list of the people I follow, so I will keep it brief, but hopefully there are some names of local and global photographers that will inspire you as well. Let’s get started.

Joshua K. Jackson is a recent addition to my Instagram feed, although I’ve been following him for longer on Twitter. No matter if you see his stuff on Instagram or Twitter, you’re bound to find a body of consistent work. He was also featured on Sean Tucker’s Youtube channel with a video about creating mood and mystery, something Jackson has down.


I met Nate Langston Palmer at a documentary filmmaking class taught by GoodFight. here in Washington, D.C. He, as a photographer, was our subject for the documentary we were to make. Palmer’s work holds a natural beauty as he allows his to subjects shine through. No matter if it’s a photo of a kid cycling through his neighborhood or indigenous people in their cultural attire, Palmer’s attention to the humanity behind each photograph shines though. And, if you’re into film, he’s your guy. Check out his work on Instagram here.

Finally, a favorite from my time in St. Louis. I discovered Ryan White’s work though ClimbSoiLL, a rock climbing mecca in St. Louis. Ryan’s Instagram features photos of skateboarding, rock climbing, and his personal explorations around the world. He has a wonderful consistency that doesn’t say filter, but instead shows that he knows what he’s looking for and has the skill and patience to get the shots that combine to build a great body of work. Check him out on Instagram here.