Summer in New York

A few months back, my wife and I decided to take a summertime trip to New York. Last year we stayed in the heart of Manhattan and enjoyed being in the hustle and bustle, at least once we bought ear plugs, but this time we wanted to experience New York from a borough, a place where we could fit in with the locals and escape the touristy spaces. It wasn’t too long before we decided on staying in Williamsburg and had everything booked. My wife went up a few days before me to take a class and I took the train from D.C. to meet her and we spent two days exploring the other side of the river. It was an experience we’ll never forget.

I typically like to over pack for trips like this. I often overestimate the number of things I’ll use, packing my Peak Design backpack to its brim, and only using a fraction of the things I take. For this trip, though, I wanted to do things differently. This time, I chose to leave my photography kit at home and take just a video kit. I packed my GH4, 12mm, 25mm, 14-150mm, and my Crane Plus, along with all of the batteries and memory cards I could justify. It was a little odd leaving all of my photography dedicated items at home, but I found that I was often quite pleased with the images from my iPhone XS.

Because I was taking all of the video equipment, you can imagine that my goal was to make a video, and that’s exactly what I did. Although I didn’t capture everything we did throughout the trip, I tried to capture a lot of the things that I thought would be engaging to watch, including trips to the waterfront and some architectural features from the city.

All of the video was shot with the GH4 and was edited in DaVinci Resolve. I used music from Soundstripe and some sound effects from FreeToUseSounds. If you haven’t heard of FreeToUseSounds before, check them out. For a small price, like ridiculously small, you get access to thousands of sound effects captured all around the world.

Check out the full video, as well as some of the iPhone images, below.