Outdoor Portrait Session in Rock Creek Park

I've been wanting to take portraits in Rock Creek Park since I moved to the DC area. The space is scenic, removed, and of course, natural. It was the perfect space to photograph Julia (JT) with some LL Bean inspired clothing. 

JT and I met down the street at a local coffeeshop and walked up to the park's entrance. Within a few feet, it was apparent that the space was going to help create some incredible shots. She and I had talked about putting together some images that looked like an LL Bean or REI advertisement.  So, equipped with plaid, jeans, and boots, we knocked out some awesome shots. 

If I only learned one thing from this shoot, it's that shooting with off-camera lights is so much easier with an assistant - at least when you're on uneven ground. No matter the struggles of setting up lights, I had a great time and I love the first set we came up with. Check out a few of my favorite shots below and check her out on Instagram at @jul_tvard