Portrait Modeling Session | Antavius Gierer | St. Louis

St. Louis caught a lucky break this week with cool temperatures and no rain. It was honestly pretty incredible. I had been hoping for the opportunity to shoot all week and ended up connecting with Antavius Gierer of West Model Management again. You can find out other shoot here. We met up off Washington Ave, near Windows on Washington, which may seem familiar because that's where I was for a wedding just a couple days ago. Altogether, Antavius and I shot three different outfits, each with a little variety in between. We stuck around the same area the entire shoot, only moving less than a block in any one direction. We shot some natural light, as well as a little off camera flash. Unfortunately, my off camera flash setup wasn't working very well; despite having new batteries, my speed lights would not refresh fast enough. Nevertheless, we pulled together some great images with a lot of variety. I think they'll serve his portfolio well.

If you're interested in the gear I shot with: I used a Sony A7, Rokinon 85 f1.4, Zeiss 24-70 f4, and a Neewer TT560 speedlight, which was triggered with some Yongnou triggersI used my Franco and Austen Lightroom Presets, which are available in my store right now. Check them out!

While you're out on Instagram this week, check out Antavius at @tavius_35 and don't forget to give me a follow at @brucecreativeworks.