Portraits in Small Spaces

I've spent a lot of time contemplating how much space I really need to make a great portrait, and I've quickly learned that it's not much. In fact, for a recent shoot with my co-worker Brock, we shot in the Green Room at Clix, a room no larger than a standard bedroom. It filled up fast with a backdrop, lights (just a single constant for this setup), and two people, but we made it work and the results speak for themselves.


The image was pulled into Lightroom for some moderate editing before moving on to color grading and exporting for Photoshop touchups. It was shot with the Sony A7 and Rokinon 85mm f1.4. If I recall correctly it was shot at f5.6, which turned out crisp.


Although this started as a test of my lighting skills, it turned out to be a lesson on working with what you have at your disposal. I'm incredibly happy with the final result, but I'll still be petitioning for more space.


Check out the final image below and don't forgot to follow along at @brucecreativeworks on Instagram.