Last Week on Social | June 30-July 6

This last week was not a typical week for me. Not only was it a national holiday, but I got sick on Monday and spent most of my week sleeping. For some reason, I had the hardest time shaking the cold. Nevertheless, I’m still trying to progress, so here are my social posts from the last week.

To kick things off, I have a shot I captured last weekend while walking through the Cleveland Park neighborhood. I had been wanting to capture this Exxon station for the longest time and it seemed like the perfect opportunity with storms moving into the area. I liked how the blue sky played off the red of the station’s colors. The image was captured with the Leica Q and edited on my iPhone with Lightroom and has a little bit of dodging throughout the center of the frame to make the station pop a little bit more.


On Monday of last week I had the opportunity to visit the Zaaf Collection launch party, which included some images by one of my favorite photographers, Joey L. I was able to bring my Leica Q into the event and spent some time running around capturing some of the photographs, bags and accessories, as well as some of the people at the event. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out my blog post here.


Lying around in bed all day can get tiring, so I took a trip down memory lane to a shoot I did several months ago. I met Eric through an Instagram meetup and we got together to collaborate on another shoot. We initially got together to shoot some basketball editorial type images, but the weather wasn’t cooperating and the clouds made it darker earlier. Instead, we went around the corner to this highway overpass and created some images with off camera flash. Because of the windy conditions, we used a bare speed light on a lightstand and aimed to underexpose the background slightly. I then balanced for the natural light (speed light) and allowed the surrounding lights to burn bright orange. Because we in blue hour, the sky took on a deep blue, which I thought contrasted nicely with the bridges. Too take it a step further, I brought out some of the shadow detail to show off the bridges lines that compliment the lines on his shirt.

 Processed With Darkroom

When I’m not shooting photos or videos I like to put together some minimalist designs. So, a few weeks ago, I sat down and created these medium format camera inspired designs and paired them with the stripes of the Washington, D.C. flag. I thought it created a nice play off the city’s flag. I ordered a sample order and decided to post some photos of the shirts. If you’re interested in one of the shirts, check them out in my store.

 Processed With Darkroom

On the same evening I captured gas station photograph, I walked back to my house and captured one of the buildings in my neighborhood. There’s something about the colors of the image that stood out. I didn’t do much in post. Again, it was shot with the Leica Q and edited on my iPhone with Lightroom. I increased the warmth slightly to play off of the sunset vibe and raised the shadows.


As I work through combining much of my two Instagram accounts into one, I’m going back through some of the images that I’ve taken throughout the years. This particular shot is from a shoot I did with Antavius in Clayton, Missouri. We setup in an alley in the city and used a newly poured concrete wall as a backdrop. I have a single speed light setup on camera left with a small soft box. I had to retouch the wall a little, particularly because there were markings on the wall for power and water lines, etc. All in all, though, it’s pretty cool to see what you can accomplish in less than ideal environments.

 Processed With Darkroom