David Broome

Shooting Downtown St. Louis for Fun

Over the last few months, I've spent a lot of time working on projects, shooting portraits, and getting wrapped up in work, networking, and trying to develop around those topics. The problem is: I forgot what it was like to go out for a fun day of photography without any plans for how it would turn out. I'll admit that I had become bored with many of the scenes of St. Louis. Boredom, mixed with a cold winter, left me apathetic to say the least. 

Last week David reached out to me and asked if I wanted to explore the city. We had never shot together around the city before, so I thought it would be fun, despite the fact that it was going to be 30 degrees. We started off at Park Avenue Coffee, walked toward the Arch grounds, and ended up making a circle by way of Laclede's Landing. All in all, I think it was a great experience, albeit cold. I pulled together some of the shots below. As you can probably tell, I was really digging the stairs in the Old Courthouse

You can find more of David's work at wildfirestl.orgdavidbroomephoto.com, and of course on Instagram at @david_broome.