Director of Photography

Producing a Fitness Video with Razonte Dunn

A few weeks ago, I reached out to my friend Suzannah with interest in producing a fitness video. It was something I had never put together on my own, but I found a bunch of inspiration in Nike commercials throughout the years and knew it was something I wanted to try. Fortunately, Suzannah is always up for a challenge and was able to connect with a trainer at her gym in Washington, D.C. Within a couple days, Suzannah, Razonte (her trainer friend), and I were meeting in a coffee shop to talk about what would go into the production.

I knew I wanted to keep things pretty simple, so we decided it would be short and converted to black and white. From my experience, gyms often have loud colors scattered throughout, so converting to black and white solved this immediately. We wanted to bring additional lights, but our schedule was short: two hours just before close at the local gym. Moreover, we knew that running wire across the gym would be messy and could lead to problems. Fortunately, the gym lights provided great shadows, which made things even better. We instead decided to just shoot with available light and just pay attention to the way the light fell.

The most difficult part of the night came with shutting off the music. We didn’t want to have any of the music from the gym’s streaming service, because, let’s face it, I’m not made of money; but more than licensing, recording would have been a nightmare to edit later. Once the music was turned off, though, everything ran smoothly. We were able to get the shots we needed within the time limit and were cleaned up and ready to go at close.

Check out the full video below.

Behind the Scenes

Photos by Suzannah Van Rooy