Common Good City Farm's Community Dinner

Over the last year, I have been volunteering as a photographer with Common Good City Farm, local urban farm located in the LaDroit Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Upon moving to the city, one of the things I wanted to do was get involved, and as a passionate sustainability practitioner, I thought I could use my storytelling skills to give back to the urban farming community. I was fortunate enough to be met with the same enthusiasm from the team at the farm.

This past Friday was the farm’s annual Community Dinner and I was excited to take part in capturing images. More than that though, I wanted to get out there and capture some video that the team could use to market events going forward.

The evening was beautiful; storms that had been circling the area for a large part of the day seemed to dance around the farm just as people started to arrive. What’s more, the clouds provided a great texture to the setting sun. Check out some of my favorite photos and the video I captured at the event below. And, don’t forget to check out Common Good City Farm. By the way, they’re looking for volunteers right now.