Forest Park

Retouching a Forest Park Landscape Image

Throughout my blog, it's probably easy to tell that I love shooting portrait photography. There's something about hanging out with another person, sharing a conversation, and creating art that makes portraiture so engaging to me. But, there are times when I like to go out solo and photograph the city or landscapes. There are certainly different mindsets that go into the setup, execution, and post processing of the images too. Despite the differences, I've found that some of my landscape images could use a little retouching before they are ready to send to print. I'm not saying that journalistic images aren't beautiful, or that every images requires retouching, but there are a few occasions where I find the extra work pays off. 

To put that to the test, I decided to post a comparison of an image that I shot a couple days ago when I decided to stop by Whole Foods in the Central West End on my way home from work. As I left, I noticed that the sky was cloudy and that the sun was just on the brink of setting - it was a perfect time to stop by Forest Park to see if I could take a few pictures. I stopped at a couple places in the park before ultimately stopping at the Muny to capture the picture below. 

I loved the look of the initial edit, posted it on Instagram, and got a lot of responses from family, friends, and followers. So, I decided to take the image a step further and retouch some of the elements in the image that - I think - detract from it's quality. I've included both images below. Thinking back now, it would have been a great time to put together a screen capture video, but here we are. 

For the most part, I used the healing brush, very light dodge and burn, and some free transform tools, but that's just about it. The initial coloring of the image was done in Lightroom CC with the final touches done in Photoshop. See if you can pick out the things I did to get the final image to look the way it does.