Graffiti Wall

Wicks Wedding | May 19, 2017 | St. Louis, Missouri

Photographing a wedding provides some of the most fun you can have as a photographer. Working with lighting situations that are continuously changing as you move across locations offers a working environment that will keep you on your toes. That was certainly the case with my most recent wedding as the week leading up to Cameron and Devin's big day called for rain. We started preparing for the worst about a week out: shifting locations and readying gear to be in the elements. By wedding morning, the rain clouds were nowhere to be found. The day turned out incredible. After altering locations for the rain I didn't have the heart - or the nerve - to change plans again. Instead, we stuck to our updated plan: shooting at Tower Grove Park, the graffiti wall, and within the ceremony and reception location, Windows on Washington. By early evening the sun was perched high in the sky, bathing every scene in great light. Ultimately, the day turned out magical. We walked away with some incredible images and maybe even a few stories.

Congratulations Cameron and Devin, may you enjoy many more years of happiness together.