Julienne Edwards

Julienne Edwards: Portrait Photography for West Model Management in Downtown St. Louis

A few weeks ago, I connected with West Model Management in St. Louis about doing a shoot with some up-and-coming models. Within a couple days, things started to fall into place and I started setting up shoots. Julienne was the first to reach out to me and we quickly started planning a shoot in Downtown St. Louis. As interesting (maybe crazy is a better word) as the city can be, it's difficult to beat for variety. There are so many interesting spaces to photograph. 

Julienne and I met near the Old Post Office, walked around through a number of places, and ultimately landed in Citygarden. The weather was great, but the light was receding quickly. Nevertheless, we managed to get some great images in a short period of time. Check them out below, and don't forget to check out Julienne's Instagram at: @k1dz1m.