Peak Design

Peak Design's Everyday Backpack - 10 Months Later

Over the course of my career, I've used a number of different bags and cases to transport and protect my equipment. I've used things from AmazonBasics backpacks to the toughest Pelican cases. Somewhere along the way, I stumbled upon the Peak Design Everyday Backpack and instantly fell in love. I've been using a 20 liter Everyday Backpack for the last 10 months now, and I've finally beaten it down.

I bought my Peak Design Backpack in February of 2018 and began using it everyday. I work professionally as a photographer and videographer, constantly on the move between projects with little time to stand still. This bag made life easier, while also pushing me to decide what was actually necessary for projects. In a typical day, I'll photograph three to five homes, sometimes followed up by environmental portraits in the early evening. On some days, I find myself attached to a tripod while I create short documentaries, too. No matter the day or activity, my bag has keep up with me.

After ten months of constant abuse, my bag finally hit a breaking point as the zipper separated from bag. The bag was still usable at this point, but it required that I keep one side zipped, or risk tearing a larger hole. When I did need to zip the broken zipper, it was necessary hold the bag in a way that kept everything perfectly aligned. I used the bag in this state for a few more weeks, but I too hit my breaking point. I realized that it was too cumbersome as I raced between projects, so I knew I had to find a solution.

I started to dig around on Peak Design's website for warranty information. Fortunately, they stand behind their bags very well. The damage that my bag sustained was covered by their lifetime warranty, which was great. I started the warranty submission process, a painless form submission on Peak Design's website. The form collects pertinent information, including name, address, and bag build numbers. Within minutes, my claim was submitted. What's more impressive though, is that Peak Design approved my warranty quickly and had a bag ready to ship in days. A week later, despite the holiday rush, I had a replacement bag waiting for me.

I'm incredibly happy with my Peak Design gear. The Everyday Backpack is a phenomenal, game-changing bag. I will continue to purchase Peak Design products going forward because I know the company has my back.

To see more visuals of my Peak Design bag, check out my YouTube video below. I take time to show the broken zipper and subtle changes between the old and new bags.