Three Days in New York City

I’ve always had a thing for metropolitan areas. Living in St. Louis, I loved taking the drive to Chicago and walking the streets - no matter the weather. Moving to DC has provided even more opportunities to explore major cities. With a short drive, or train ride, we have access to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and even Boston. And that’s not even considering what’s south.

My wife and I traveled to Philly over the fall and spent a few hours exploring the city in the rain. Although Philly was fun, I knew I wanted to get to New York, where street scenes cannot be matched. Fortunately that opportunity came about a couple weeks ago and I was able to spend three days running around the city taking pictures. I ultimately ended up walking around quite a chunk of Manhattan. I started at our hotel, Freehand New York, walked to B&H, and then took The High Line down to One World Trade and Wall Street. Once I made it to the edge of Manhattan I had to get back. In my normal fashion, I decided to walk it. Cutting under the Brooklyn Bridge, I followed Bowery through Chinatown and found my way back to Freehand.

In total, I walked more than 30 miles in three days and captured a few hundred images that I’ve been going through. All of the images were shot on the Leica Q. Check out some of my favorites below.