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Arch Apparel

The St. Louis Art Museum sits atop Art Hill, a massive slope sitting impressively behind the Grand Basin in the heart of Forest Park. It was on this hill that I met with the crew from Arch Apparel, an up-and-coming group of clothing designers leaving their mark in St. Louis. Arch Apparel specializes in St. Louis branded shirts, hats, and more, each as distinct as St. Louis itself. 

A few months prior, Aaron and I had been in talks about putting together a photo shoot to advertise some clothes aimed to be released just before the Fourth of July. When it came down to selecting a location, there was one that stood out in each of our minds: Forest Park. The park is one of the largest in the United States; its picturesque golf course, trails, and museums offer perfect backgrounds for announcing an infatuation with St. Louis. 

So there we were, sitting on the slope of Art Hill watching the water glimmer as paddle boats skimmed across the basin. Although the sun was high, Forest Park offered ample tree coverage to get out of the heat. We visited several locations in Forest Park and ended up with some incredible images. 

Check out Arch Apparel's products here. They are a great group of people, each incredibly passionate about St. Louis.