Glynne Taylor | Portrait Modeling Session | Kansas City | June 2017

I've always enjoyed the opportunity to create portraits with people in other cities. There's something so engaging about being able to scope out a completely new location to fit your vision. This was certainly the case over the weekend as my friend Ryan and I drove west into Kansas City for a shoot with Glynne Taylor. I connected with Glynne through Instagram and instantly started putting together a GAP-inspired fashion shoot. 

The entire trip was a great success. Along with the opportunity to shoot some portraits, Ryan and I also stopped by Mills Records to pick up a recently released Jason Isbell record, and try our luck with a contest to win one of 50 record players produced for the album's release. We spent some time photographing the West Bottoms, got dinner at BRGR, and were back on the road before sunset.  


In addition to shooting photos, Ryan and I collaborated on shooting some video that could be put together to show some highlights from the trip. Despite only being shot on iPhones, it was still fun to produce. Check out the video and some of my favorite images below. And don't forget to give Glynne a follow on Instagram at @glynnetaylorii, as well as Ryan at @rctullock.