Portraits in Grand Center: Arielle Barnett

Grand Center is the hub of many things art related in St. Louis. It's the home of the International Photography Hall of Fame and a plethora of art studios and exhibition spaces. In the heart of it all lies PBS' campus with a large quad that inspires you to engage with the space. I've always had a certain level of intrigue with this space. The PBS building feels like a living space as it extends across the quad with screens and perforated walls. As the wind blows, the building seems to breathe with an organic ebb and flow. It's with this space in mind that I met with Arielle to shoot some portraits. 

Together we created some airy portraits that pull from the organic nature of the space and I think they turned out great. If you don't already follow Arielle on Instagram, check her out, and while your at it, give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook